Business organisation consultancy

At each new stage in a company’s development, it may be wise and prudent to call on an outside consultant to:

  • learn from the experience of others and benchmark successful practices;
  • design change in your organisation;
  • get support during organisational change

Because your organisation’s evolution is inherent to your growth, expert external advice is a simple and easy option to use, for example for:

  • moving and/or opening a site
  • a key project for organic growth
  • preparing for your IPO
  • a merger/acquisition
  • a department or site reorganisation

Our missions

There are 4 types of missions we particularly focus on:

diagnosis of the organisation’s current situation prior to the development project

providing recommendations and advice

2. designing the project for organisational change

3. operational assistance with implementation

Our methodology

Business organisation consultancy mainly involves spending time with our customers – decision-makers and operational staff – to understand how the development project fits into the company’s momentum:
  • • individual and group interviews
  • • written reports and action plans
  • • reading and studying the relevant documentation
  • • project design and management
  • budget

Your benefits


Take the time to anticipate significant changes


Benefit from the experience of professionals


Concentrate and stay focused on the business

Our strengths

Solid experience of corporate change
Methodology and serious investigation
Our responsiveness and speed

Length of service

From a few days to several weeks, depending on the complexity and nature of the intervention (diagnosis, recommendation and/or implementation).
Librable conseil en organisation


  • Diagnostic report and recommendations
  • Progress reports and effectiveness indicators
  • Monitoring committee/meeting

Examples of missions


Audit of logistics site construction and relocation projects


Advice on due diligence (in the context of a business sale)


Support for an IPO (Nasdaq)

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