(difficult, rare or premium candidates)

It is often a lack of time and availability that makes it hard to meet recruitment targets. While the need to recruit increases as the organisation grows (including unwanted departures), the tight labour market makes recruitment more difficult. But doesn’t your organisation deserve rare expertise and premium talent?

Our mission

We start by sourcing candidates, then assessing and selecting them. We can handle the entire recruitment process, depending on your needs. We take a direct approach and are always proactive.

Our methodology

To support our customers, we propose the following methodology:
  • Brief on the position to be recruited
  • Co-select the targets
  • Define the organisational structure
  • Identify talent
  • Contact and qualification
  • Discussions and appointments
  • Candidate relations and/or negotiation/li>
  • Support with the final details

Your benefits


Systematic approach until the right candidate is successfully recruited


Reduced competitor recruitment


Confidentiality guaranteed

Our strengths

A proactive approach designed to systematically reach candidates
Proven identification techniques
Speed and efficiency
Ability to recruit in the south of France and throughout the world

Length of service

Between 2 and 8 weeks, depending on the candidates.
Succès dans le recrutement de talents | Paul-William Castel


  • Reporting
  • Candidate dossier
  • Tests and references

Examples of missions

Notary office

Recruitment of Notary Clerks

Small businesses in the energy transition sector

Recruitment of Technical Sales Engineers in France and abroad

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