Augmented HR

A company’s Human Resources department has become more complex and, in a context of growth, must also be strategic. Whether it’s a question of increasing activity or becoming more professional, it can become essential to have a Human Resources department with more skills and better positioned on the issues that really matter.

Our missions

There are 3 types of mission we particularly focus on:

Provide your organisation with an HR professional capable of supporting you in the development of your organisation (on a full- or part-time basis).

Outsource the management of your Human Resources department: this is intended to either relieve the existing team or enable it to take on new, higher added-value tasks (including payroll professionals).

Re-engineer the human resources department, to change its role from administrative to strategic.

Our methodology

  • Recruitment or provision of an HR professional within the allotted time.
  • Outsource management of parts of the Human Resources department: recruitment or administration, for example.

Your benefits


Contractual flexibility


Upskilling to support the Human Resources department


End of the agreed mission and department handover once the work has been completed

Our strengths

Excellent knowledge of the expectations of the HR department
Recruitment tools
Network of HR professionals

Length of service

From 1 day to several weeks depending on the service chosen
Nos comptes rendus de mission en RH


  • Diagnosis of the Human Resources department
  • Recommendations and advice
  • Action and project management reporting

Examples of missions

Creation of a Group HR Department

Creation of an HR department for a Group operating in the tourism sector.

Part-time HR Director

HR work-share mission with a high-tech company enjoying very fast growth.

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