International expansion

There comes a time when the opportunity (or need) to export or set up outside the region or the country presents itself. The question is then how to meet human resource requirements in your new destinations. We have developed a range of international support services in response to this issue.

Our services

We are able to duplicate our service offer in the south of France, throughout France and around the world:

Business organisation consultancy


Talent support

Career development consulting

Managerial effectiveness

Augmented HR

Your benefits


Produce a brief identifying the scope of the need for international expansion


Put you in touch with our team of consultants in your target region


Coordinate the mission with our customer and our consultants around the world

Our strengths

We are present on 5 continents and in over 30 countries

A team of professional Human Resources consultants

You will have the same person as your contact throughout the mission

Length of service

Varies depending on the nature of the mission:
• business organisation consultancy,
• recruitment,
• talent support,
• managerial effectiveness,
• Augmented HR.



  • Diagnosis, recommendations, advice
  • Reporting
  • End of mission report

Examples of missions


We are simultaneously recruiting in the south of France and Germany to strengthen the technical and sales teams of a company in the energy transition sector.


Our team in Australia has been asked to support our client in its commercial penetration of the Oceania continent.

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